Dale and Marilyn Barcellos (originals)

by Dale and Marilyn Barcellos

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(free) 03:35


released August 1, 2013


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Mighty Avalanche Choir - Custer's March on Baghdad
Ten thousand miles from my home, and we’re standing all alone
On the hot dusty streets of Baghdad

Well I’m not yet 21, Just a helmet and a gun
Making history on the bonny streets of Baghdad

Shooting anthing that moves, just like you would in my shoes
On the bonny bloody streets of Baghdad

And it’s Custer in command, chasing Crazy Horse Saddam
On the hot dusty streets of Baghdad

There’s this target on my back, since you sent me to Iraq
for no reason I believe or understand

For your fear of what’s unknown, and the oil czars back home
We are dying on the bitter streets of Baghdad

It’s the Seventh Calvery, and the weary Third ID
Bleeding on the bitter streets of Baghdad

And one thing’s loud and clear, nobody wants us here
On the bitter bloody streets of Baghdad

One by one they cut us down, while we stand here on their ground
On the bonny bloody streets of Baghdad

We are here to draw their fire, then call in their funeral pyre
making rubble of the bloody streets of Baghdad

low break

And I don’t give a damn, Even if we caught Saddam
In these dirty stinking streets of Baghdad

We are here to show the flag, maybe come home in a bag
From these bonny bonny streets of Baghdad

So now tell me mother dear, how could you let them send me here
To these hot bitter streets of Baghdad

Oh, your chicken hawks are swell, I just wish they’d go to hell
Or send their own kids to these desperate streets of Baghdad

I hope King George has learned enough, Thinking smart beats talking tough
We’re the red coat sitting ducks
Leave these streets to the native born of Baghdad